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8 Seater Minibus Hire

Gillingham – 8 Seater Minibus 

Gillingham is a suburban town, 32 miles from central London. When you are travelling, with family, small group of friends, or others. to the City, you would do well to avail our 8 seater minibus hire.  
Our 8 seater minibus combines the best of worlds, the flexibility and convenience of your own car, with the superior comforts and reliability of a minibus hire. The small vehicle is also nimble enough to get out of traffic jams quickly. 
Our fleet consists exclusively of the top vehicles, such as Ford Transit, which come with advanced comfort and safety features. Our minibus are GPS enabled, to facilitate real time tracking. Your group can travel in total comfort, and privacy, with unparalleled door to door transfers. Our customer support team coordinates to pick you up from your home or hotel, and plots the best routes to your destination. The drivers, who come along with the minibus hire in Gillingham know how to drive skilfully, and fast, without breaking traffic laws. They are familiar with the London roads, and know where exactly to find parking, sparing you from both the stress of driving, and the difficulty in finding parking. 
When you travel in your own vehicle, you are on your own. Our Gillingham minibus hire throws open the services of our 24 hour robust customer support team to you. You can use our customer support to coordinate the trip, make follow ups, and do more. Maintaining the vehicle, and ensuring its smooth run is now our headache. 
For all the superior vehicles, and coaches, we offer the lowest rates, much low than what competitors charge. Yet we do not cut corners, and continue to offer superior services. 
We have easy and seamless systems in place. All you need to do, to avail our Gillingham minibus hire, is to fill up a simple online form, and the vehicle will reach you, on time.